Date Teams/Event Time Score Links
Sat. 10 at Smith College 14th/16 14th/16
Fri. 16 at Daniel Webster College Invitational Individual Only Individual Only
Sat. 24 vs. Blazer Invitational 11th/15 11th/15
Sat. 8 at Westfield State Invitational 32nd/38 32nd/38
Sat. 15 at WNEC Invitational 16th/19 16th/19
Sat. 29 vs. NECC Championship @ Daniel Webster 4th/8 4th/8
Sat. 1 at Western New England Invitational 2nd/3 2nd/3
Sat. 8 at Smith Invitational 11th/14 11th/14
Fri. 14 at Daniel Webster Eagle Invitational 3rd/5 3rd/5
Sat. 22 vs. Blazer Invitational T-7th/13 T-7th/13
Sat. 6 at James Earley Invitational 38th/43 38th/43
Sat. 13 at Western New England Invitational 16th/23 16th/23
Sat. 27 at NECC Championship 3rd/6 3rd/6
  at Mitchell
Sat. 10 at NCAA Division III Qualifier 50th/51 50th/51
Sat. 31 at at SUNY IT Invitational 10th/14 10th/14
Sat. 7 at at Smith Invitational 13th/18 13th/18
Sat. 14 at at Southern Vermont Invitational 6th/8 6th/8
Sat. 28 vs. Blazer Invitational 7th/19 7th/19
Sat. 5 at at Keene State Invitational 11th/12 11th/12
Sat. 12 at at Westfield State Invitational 31st/38 31st/38
Sat. 19 at at Western New England Invitational 14th/22 14th/22
Sat. 26 at at NECC Championship 2nd/7 2nd/7
  hosted by Bay Path
Sat. 9 at at ECAC Championship DNS DNS
Sat. 16 at at New England Division III Championship DNS DNS
Sat. 5 at UMass-Dartmouth Invitational DNS DNS
Sat. 19 at Springfield College Invitational DNS DNS
Sun. 27 at Regis College Classic DNS DNS
Fri. 29 at Misericordia 6th of 7 6th of 7
Sat. 6 at Smith 14th/16 Teams
Fri. 12 at Mitchell 1st/3 Teams
Sat. 27 vs. Blazers Invitational 3rd/15 Teams
Sat. 11 at Westfield State 30th/44 Teams
Sat. 18 at Western New England N/A
Sat. 1 at NECC Championship 2nd/8 Teams
Sat. 8 at ECAC Division III New England Championship
Sat. 15 at NCAA Division III Regional 50th/57 Teams
Sat. 5 at Husson Harrier Invitational 11:00 AM 5th/9 Teams
  Bangor, Maine
Sat. 19 at UMass Dartmouth Invitational Final DNP
  N. Dartmouth, Mass.
Sat. 26 vs. Blazer Invitational Final 7th/11 Teams
  Chicopee Memorial State Park
Sat. 10 at James Earley Invitational 12:00 PM 30th/39 Teams
  Westfield, Mass.
Sat. 17 at Connecticut College Invitational 24th/25 Teams
  Connecticut College, Waterford, Conn.
Sat. 31 at NECC Championship 5th/8 Teams
  Westfield State University, Westfield, Mass.
Sat. 7 at ECAC Championship
  Williams College, Williamstown, Mass.
Sat. 14 at New England Division III Regional Championship 54th/56 Teams
  Connecticut College, Waterford, Conn.
Sat. 3 at Lemoyne College Invitational
Sat. 10 at Trinity College Invitational 8th/8 Teams
Sat. 24 vs. Blazer Invitational N/A
  Chicopee Memorial State Park
Sat. 8 vs. James Early Invitational @ Stanley Park, Westfield, Mass. 37/41 Teams
Sat. 15 at Western New England University Invitational 18th/22 Teams
Sat. 5 vs. NECC Championship @ Stanley Park, Westfield, Mass. Final 4th/8 Teams
Sat. 12 vs. New England DIII Championships @ Stanley Park, Westfield, Mass. 55th/59 Teams
Sat. 2 at SUNY-Poly Invitational Final 6th/11 Teams
  Utica, N.Y.
Sat. 16 at Mitchell College Invitational Final 2nd/3 Teams
  New London, Conn.
Sat. 23 vs. Blazer Classic Invitational Final 5th/9 Teams
  Chicopee, Mass. (Chicopee State Park)
Sat. 7 at James Earley Invitational Final 29th/33 Teams
  Westfield, Mass. (Stanley Park)
Sat. 14 at Connecticut College Invitational 21st/21 Teams
  New London, Conn.
Sat. 28 at NECC Championship Final 2nd/6 Teams
  Westfield, Mass. (Stanley Park)
Sat. 11 at New England Division III Championships Final 50th/56 Teams
  Gorham, Maine (Gorham C.C.)
Sat. 1 vs. Southern Vermont College Invitational @ Bennington, Vt. FINAL
Sat. 15 vs. Mitchell College Invitational @ New London, Conn. FINAL 2nd/5
Sat. 22 vs. Blazer Classic @ Chicopee, Mass. FINAL 3rd/6
Sat. 6 vs. James Early Invitational @ Westfield, Mass (Stanley Park) FINAL
Sat. 13 vs. Western New England Invitational @ Springfield, Mass. FINAL 10th/12
Sun. 28 vs. NECC Championships @ Stanley Park (Westfield, Mass.) FINAL 3rd/5
Sat. 10 at New England Division III Regional Championships FINAL
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