8 Madison Messier
8 Madison Messier
Height: 5-4
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Warren, Mass.
High School: Quaboag Regional
Position: Forward
Major: Nursing

High School Career:
Quaboag Regional (Field Hockey) - 5 years
* 2015 Most Valuable Player
* 2015 Hometeam All-Star selection
Baystates Juniors (Field Hockey) - 2 years
* Bronze Medal
Best of 60 All-Stars (Field Hockey) - 1 year
Quaboag Regional (Softball) - 4 years
* 2015 Most Valuable Player
* 2015 Offensive Player of the Year
* 2011 District Champions
* Hometeam All-Star Honorable Mention
Baystate Juniors (Softball) - 1 year
South County Storm (Softball) - 1 year

Why did you chose to attend Elms College?

"I chose to attend Elms College for the excellent nursing program."

What has been your favorite moment as an athlete so far?

"My favorite moment would be scoring on a reverse chip at David Prouty my junior year."

What is your favorite food?

"My favorite food is chinese food."

Where is your favorite place to travel to and why?

"My favorite place to travel to is Europe, because of the beauty and attractions."

What are your future plans?

"My future plans are to become a nurse."