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NCAA Compliance

NCAA Compliance Forms

Compliance and adherence with the rules and regulations established by the NCAA, ECAC and the NECC is of critical importance to the Elms College athletics department. As a member of NCAA Division III, the Elms College athletics department must meet the standards of institutional control and uphold the rules and regulations mandated by the NCAA.

This website will serve as a reference to many of the NCAA rules that may apply to "athletics representatives." Many of the applicable situations have been included, but not all. If you need specific information about Division III athletics that is not included on this website or have further questions, please email Laura Habacker our NCAA Division III Compliance Coordinator.

NCAA Principles of Rules Compliance

Per the NCAA Constitution, a member institution will comply with all applicable NCAA rules and regulations. An institution is also responsible for monitoring its athletics program to assure compliance for identifying and reporting all instances in which compliance has not been achieved.  

Elms College Compliance Policy

It is the policy of Elms College athletics to adhere to all applicable NCAA, ECAC and NECC conference and college rules and regulations in the conduct of its athletics programs.  It is the responsibility and obligation of all athletics department staff members to act within all applicable rules and regulations at all times.  All athletics department coaching and administrative staff members are required by NCAA bylaws to sign the NCAA Certification of Compliance annually in good faith. 

Basic Eligibility Guidelines for Elms College

In order to be eligible for practice and/or competition, student athletes must be enrolled full time in at least 12 credits during any semester. If a student athlete drops below 12 credits, he/she becomes immediately ineligible for practice and/or competition. Students are also required to meet NCAA continuing eligibility standards.